Groundwork center

We work with people to build a thriving local farm and food economy; to make our towns and villages stronger, more walkable, bike-able, and transit-friendly; and to develop local, clean energy. We seek to achieve on-the-ground results in northwest Michigan and leverage them to support other communities and improvements to state policy. All of this is designed to strengthen the local economy, protect the environment, and build community.




The Earthwork Music collective believes in the intrinsic and historical power of music to raise both community and self-awareness and serves to facilitate and encourage original music in the state of Michigan and beyond..



Our Partners


Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology

Crosshatch envisions communities that are grounded in place: where people connect through stories, music, art, shared work, and food, and where the economy and culture are rooted in restoration of the earth and its people.


michigan league of conservation voters

Michigan LCV is the only nonpartisan political organization in Michigan with protecting your land, air, and water at the center of our work.

Once a national leader in environmental protection and conservation, Michigan is now falling behind and our families and communities are suffering as a result. YOU have the power to change things. By working together we can make protecting Michigan’s land, air, and water political priorities once again.



Our mission is twofold: we use our performers to bring in folks for a day of fantastic music, and in-between bands we have speakers briefly discuss environmental issues related to water quality.

Past speakers have discussed sulfide mining near the shores of Lake Superior, invasive species in the Great Lakes, the financial impact and very real life circumstances of an aging, leaking water utility system on the low-income residents of Detroit, the importance of Grand Rapids being recognized by the United Nations as a “green city,” an environmental attorney’s work regarding water withdrawals, the impact of water pollution on Native American culture, the importance of holding our elected officials accountable, and the importance of native habitats and how they improve water quality, to name a few.



Our story is about water – 20 percent of the world’s fresh surface water – and the need to educate citizens and leaders about protecting the Great Lakes as a commons held in public trust now and for future generations. At FLOW (For Love of Water), we believe the enduring ideas of the commons and legal principles of the public trust can offer unifying adaptive solutions to address systemic basin-wide threats, increased water conflicts, diversions, and climate change impacts.


oil and water don't mix

A number of organizations and citizens across Michigan are working to keep oil out of the Great Lakes.

We come from all walks of life and have our own areas of focus including concerns about water quality, Indigenous rights, climate change, pollution, sustainable economies, protecting sporting, commerce, and tourism, and protecting the jobs that are dependent on our water and our Pure Michigan way of life.




Jett Plastic Recordings is an independent record label based in Detroit, MI, specializing in the release of music on analog formats.

Founded in 2012, we started off by releasing a 7" by a local Detroit band, After Dark Amusement Park. Since then, we have grown to support both local and nationwide acts, offering touring support and the chance to have music on vinyl for fans both locally and globally.